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Why is money and greed so important to colleges? Shouldn’t VA Tech checked his background?

If this South Korean didn’t speak one word his entire time there, stocked 2 girls, wrote distrubing stories and essays, threathened to kill himself, acted weird around his peers, WHY WAS HE ADMITTED TO THE SCHOOL? It seems to me that Va Tech doesn’t care who it admits as long as they get the tution […]

Describe the effects of greed in The Great Gatsby with the Effects of Greed in America……?

I need to write a 2 page typed essay times new roman, font size 14 and in it i need to compare the greed in america today like our daily life news and current events with the effects of greed in the great gatsby.Please help……Thanx

Are there any quotes that mention greed, jealousy,or revenge in The Crucible?

I handed my book in and I still need to do my essay. I need the page numbers too.

Money and Greed Wars!?

I’m writing an essay about wars and reasons behind them. Can anyone give me examples of wars which took place in history as reason of money, greed and power?

What are synonyms for Greed?

Have about 7 “greed’s” in one paragraph in my essay. Also i need synonyms for money.Once again your help is much appreciated.Thankyou

Under what circumstances will emotions such as greed, jealousy and arrogance lead to ignorance of morals?