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Essay Help on Being green?

I am writing an essay over what it means to be green. Any suggestions on how I should put this together?!

The burkha being banned in western society?

what are some reasons why the burkha should be banned in western society, I need to do a persuasive essay on it.

What is a good thesis statement for my essay about the pressures of being popular?

I am writing an essay about the pressures of high school, and how we care so much about our appearance and fitting in rather than the actual schoolwork. I need a thesis statement for this. please help!

What are my chances after being deferred from University of Michigan?

I have a 3.76/4.0 GPA, and I have a 1900 on my SATs. I’d say my essay was pretty good– It’s definitely something I’m proud of! I haven’t taken the ACT, but I do a lot of extracurriculars and community service. :/

Why did Napoleon Bonaparte return to France after being exiled?

I’m writing an essay question on Napoleon, and I just need to know what his motivation was in escaping the island of Elba to return to France.Thanks

Is my mom being fair?

Okay so my parents are being totally unfair these days..!I’ve been getting some bad grades and I get confused with stuff easily. And my parents blocked facebook (but i still get on it on my phone), didnt let me go to the school dance, and get mad at me like every day! And now my […]

How is math used in being a pharmacist?

I have to do a research project in my math class. we have to pick a job and write an essay on how math (specifically fractions, decimals, and percents) are used in that job. mine is a pharmacist. I have to have 3 examples of how fractions are used, 3 examples of how decimals are […]

I’m writing an essay arguing against there being an absolute truth, would it make sense if I…?

made a good portion of it, like a 3rd of it, arguing that there is no god?

Why do republicans keep getting caught on being racist, sexist and homophobes?

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Is there any evidence in Death of a Salesman to point towards Miller being a communist?

Its for an essay i’m writing x