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What is an example of an emotional appeal or background information for should a teen be tried as an adult?

its for a persuasive essay and i need help on the emotional appeal.

Why is money and greed so important to colleges? Shouldn’t VA Tech checked his background?

If this South Korean didn’t speak one word his entire time there, stocked 2 girls, wrote distrubing stories and essays, threathened to kill himself, acted weird around his peers, WHY WAS HE ADMITTED TO THE SCHOOL? It seems to me that Va Tech doesn’t care who it admits as long as they get the tution […]

Significance of Nature and Background Imagery in movie and film?

I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting Pride and Prejudice book and Joe Wright’s film. I need to include the significance of background imagery and nature. Can anybody tell me how nature and background imagery is significant in movies?

Good background music for Berlin Wall video essay?

well its more of a photo essay because it will primarily be pictures but i said video since that will also be included.but anyways what would be some good audio/music to have playing while the pictures in the video are shown, with the topic being the rise and fall of the berlin wall?

What is the historical background on the Legend of King Arthur?

I just need a general idea like a paragraph or two, not a giant essay or anything like that.