Would you rather take a test or write an essay?

essay... im good in fooling ppl with unlimited words... LOL but they have meanings... i hope soYOU?

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13 Answers to “Would you rather take a test or write an essay?”

  1. olusola says:

    Essay . This sounds really nerdy but i just write for fun sometimes haaha * blushing* – … wait am black i can’t do that

  2. ludicrousness says:

    a test.but i’d do the essay if it was persuasive writing,i love trying to change people’s views

  3. spicas says:

    I would rather take a test. With an essay it’s up to the opinion of the grader, but if it’s multiple choice there is a right and a wrong answer so you know you got a fair score.

  4. intrapsychical says:

    An essay,I have a certain knack and disposition for writing.

  5. interrelationship says:

    writing an essay … words come at the right time as always.

  6. stabilitate says:

    Take a test because I am better at revising and completing it all at once.

  7. seedeater says:

    Personally, I’d rather take a test. Unless, of course, it’s an essay test (ha-ha)!

  8. Brahmanism says:

    Take a test.

  9. tcpview says:

    Essay.D. All of the aboveandE: None of the aboveis bad for my blood pressure.

  10. pornographic says:

    bod sucks

  11. cperson says:

    an essay about what? I would choose an essay any day unless it is a Biology, Physics, Chemistry or Maths test. Seems like you have a test. Good Luck :)

  12. stoutwood says:

    gosh i hate writinggimme the test n i will b sure to get a D

  13. telecasters says:

    essay :D