Why we need to clean the land which has been contaminated with metals?

I need help with my homework that I need to write a 1 page essay on the question.

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2 Answers to “Why we need to clean the land which has been contaminated with metals?”

  1. hydromagnesite says:

    By metals, they mean heavy metals, like mercury, arsenic, lead. These cause serious health problems if people are exposed. Kids playing with contaminated dirt with harm them, as well as growing crops on dirty soil. Pets, wildlife, fish,bird, cows and pigs can all be affect, die or pass on the heavy metals to us if they eat food grow on contaminated land or the heavy metals are absorbed through their skin.I think that should help you get started.

  2. unlit says:

    another problem with heavy metals is that your body does not excrete them. Since heavy metals tend to be toxic in sufficient concentrations this is not a good thing. Heavy metals also become more concentrated in animals higher up the food chain. A large tuna eats thousands of little fish that have tiny amounts of mercury in them , By the time that tuna is caught he can have dangerous levels of mercury in him and then you have him for dinner. Luckily most heavy metals in fish are contained in the brown fat layer which is easily trimmed away.The reason to clean the land because it is very undesirable to allow these contaminants into our food chain including our drinking water.