I’m working on an essay about The Globe Theatre and need more to add to my essay…please help….?

This is what I have so far: The Globe Theatre was an early English theatre in London. In 1599 Richard and Cuthbert Burbage owned the predecessor, The Theatre. In the winter of 1598, the lease on The Theatre ran out so the Burbage brothers decided to take down the building, ship the pieces across the Thames River to Southwark on the southern bank, and rebuild it there. The owners, the Burbage brothers and William Shakespeare of the new theatre named it The Globe. At The Theatre Shakespeare had worked as one of the leading players of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men which has been a popular group of actors since 1594. The Lord Chaimberlain’s Men continued their performances at The Globe and later changed their name to The King’s Men in honor of King James I. etc........I need more info to add to my essay.... please help thanks

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  1. unlit says:

    I don’t know about your specific assignment, but after you’ve completely covered the entire history of the globe and still need more room to fill, start going into the legacy of the globe. You can talk about the globe’s impact for pages. And in various areas too.