The theme for “The Uglies”?

I'm writing an essay about the theme of the book, "the Uglies". I have a pick a sentence from the book and describe why it shows the theme of the story. My theme is, "Love yourself the way you are and don't forget that outer beauty is not as important as what's inside." My sentence is, "Maybe what was inside her did mattered to him more than anything else."I wrote a body paragraph describing the sentence, but I don't know if I did this right or not. Please help to see if I described it right?This sentence exemplifies the theme of "The Uglies" because it displays a moment of enlightenment in Tally; a moment when she starts to believe that she might not be as ugly as she thought she was. Since Tally is raised in a world of tremendous beauty, she’s been forced to accept that she is ugly. Society slowly builds the pressure on her so it’s difficult for her to develop confidence, and that she can only follow along with the crowd, waiting for the day she gets her surgery to become pretty. This is purely a distraction for the uglies, because if the uglies cannot develop confidence, they cannot look beyond outer beauty, and therefore cannot do bold things to stand out in society. This prevents conflict and trouble. However, it’s very emotionally damaging for a teenager to constantly think about how unattractive they are. This is why in "The Uglies", this is such an important event, because Tally finally makes a breakthrough and sees herself in a better light.Thank you!

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  1. simars says:

    I noticed nobody answered yet, and I really enjoyed The Uglies series. I like the paragraph that you have here, although the sentence you quoted is a worded a little awkwardly. Just take out ‘did’ and it would read better. ‘Maybe what was inside her mattered to him more than anything else.’ One suggestion in tightening would be to shorten the first sentence. It runs on a bit, plus you repeat the word ‘moment. Here’s what I would do with it:This sentence exemplifies the theme of “The Uglies” because it displays a moment of enlightenment when Tally starts to believe she might not be as ugly as she thought she was. Easy. You could also mention how the uglies are separated from the pretties and basically made to believe they (everyone I mean) are born ugly. It’s simply their way of life in this book and then through Shay she learns to start questioning. Anyway, you captured the essense of the book well so good luck with it!