Can someone please help me with this scorpio guy!?:(? does every scorpio goes through a dark phase in life,when he wants to be isolated!? complete like some kind of his personal compulsion? Some goal in life? Mine is like a broken,'insecure',mental kind!with low self esteem.:(if hes like that how is he likely to behave? He needs time alone,how long will he take? He doesn talk to anybody but me,and he shares his thoughts with me and stuff,but now he doesn want to talk to me too. :(...he has told him all this..about his self-imposed isolation and all and why he is keeping away from like everyone..but still talked to me ,then all of a sudden without a reason he tellls me..''i want everyone to stay away from me and you are not different from everyone! I want you to hate me'' :( im attracted to him like a magnet and i dont mind giving him the entire time in the world...does he hate me? What was /is my place in his life?Please answer seriously,and dont write essays about scorpios..just help me to decode him..i havent written even 1/10 of what we share:)..we have a connection..and hes never rude with me..and shows care..but this the first time hes talking like this!:( i'm an aqua btw! and dont tell me to leave him! i cant! and he has not been in touch with anyone for more than a year now! and i havent spoken with him for a month now! :( PLEASE answer all my questions!thanx!PS..YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ASTROLOGY, AND I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR ANSWER!

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  1. vasework says:

    Everything takes patience, give him a little space is he asks for it. Be understanding and don’t try to fix too much or you will come off wayyy to clingy. Send him a text every once in a while to make him smile but KEEP IT SHORT! He will come out of his rut even if it takes a month and will feel refreshed. They are compared to Phoenix’s – they need time to burn so they can be re-born!