Why is money and greed so important to colleges? Shouldn’t VA Tech checked his background?

If this South Korean didn't speak one word his entire time there, stocked 2 girls, wrote distrubing stories and essays, threathened to kill himself, acted weird around his peers, WHY WAS HE ADMITTED TO THE SCHOOL? It seems to me that Va Tech doesn't care who it admits as long as they get the tution money ESPECIALLY from foreign students since their tution is double than locals.Va Tech doesn' seem to be a good school if it admits crazies.

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3 Answers to “Why is money and greed so important to colleges? Shouldn’t VA Tech checked his background?”

  1. agnations says:

    If we arrest every person who writes disturbing stories, then half the writers and screen play writers in Hollywood would be institutionalized.

  2. ranatra says:

    Guess you’ve never been to college. They don’t do psych evaluations on college applications (just like whoever gave you a job didn’t send you to a shrink first). Tech is pretty selective, so his high school academics must have been all right. Also, there is no law against being weird. The stuff that might have been sending warning bells off in people’s heads wasn’t anything you can act on. Who do you call because someone writes a crazy bit of fiction? Stalking two girls–they pass out restraining orders, and if he follows them, nothing else happens. (He also probably got in-state tuition–he was a Virginia resident). I could go on, but quit blaming the school. Blame the guy who shot it up.

  3. dlavery says:

    I thought he did all that stuff while he was there? I may have read it wrong. But in any case, they tried to get him help. Truth is, he was an “ADULT” and they couldn’t force him to get help, and aside from being a disturbed individual, he legally didn’t do anything wrong, until this. If they would have kicked him out of the school, he probably would have turned around and sued them. Maybe this will change the way things are done, but sadly I doubt it. I think most people agree with you. I don’t think they could legally do psych. evals on every student. Plus, and please don’t take me as supporting this sick excuse for a person, it was premeditated. The place he bought the gun from said he was a nice young college guy that wanted to practice shooting. So, he was sane enough to know he had to put on a front to buy a gun, right?