I really want to get to know this guy, but…?

He's extremely introverted and weird. He's the cutest guy I've ever seen. He's Korean and 18 years old. We are both seniors and he sits right next to me in my 4th period. He talks to his friends like any other normal person, but is very quiet when someone he doesn't know talks to him.He seems pretty cool and has a lot of friends and hangs out with the popular kids (not the druggies), but he doesn't listen to mainstream music and talks about really weird stuff. I asked to see his iPod 2 months ago and it was filled with weird rap music like immortal technique ( I didn't know what it was until I got home and listened to it) and a bunch of classical piano music. No mainstream. One time he had his binder on the ground with his narrative essay in the front pocket. It talks about how he's had so many of his close ones die that he doesn't care about death or dying.I asked some people who known him and they told me he used to deal drugs and drink a lot of alcohol and is racist against other Koreans, but he looks and acts so sweet whenever I see him and acts like a little baby. I don't know whether it would be a good idea to get to know him and talk to him or not because it seems he has a lot of "problems" and I'm afraid he might creep the heck out of me?

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7 Answers to “I really want to get to know this guy, but…?”

  1. familiarizes says:

    sounds liek a lot of baggage but he might respond with an apporach that is not “mainstream” like doing something most chicks wouldnt do… like a poem on scented paper?he indeed might creep you out but its always worth a chance :)

  2. bardane says:

    Everyone deserves a first chance.

  3. Dendroidea says:

    first of all try to meet him as afriend and then u will know what u have to do.

  4. zygomaxillare says:

    You are only going on what other people are saying.If I was in doubt I would stay well enough alone.You have your life a head of you and you are better to move on and enjoy it.in a lot of cases doubts are what we regret and i would not put myself in harms way

  5. legislator's says:

    LOL well I’m kinda weired too but not to that extent.try to get to know him, you might find somethings in common. BTW I heard people who have had troubles in their life but don’t take drugs or alcohol turn out to be more sxc lol. Any way just get to know him us guys like it when girls ask us questions about ourselves. Also compliment him and flirt, try to become a friends and find out more about him and then go in for the kill (not to be taken literlerly) Also if he does try something get away and save yourself… just saying [external link] …

  6. prosperi says:

    well why not just hang out with him at least once or twice to see? good luck girl:)

  7. memdiag says:

    Well if you ‘Really want to get to know this guy,’ i dont see where the ‘…but?’ comes into the picture the best thing for you to do is to go out and get to know him , you cant force him to but you sure as hell can try. In my past experience iv realized that people do things under certain pressures either due to emotional strain and/or outside influence. I lost my grand mother at 14 and started smoking pot then too after awhile one gets over such complexes and continues to live life. Iv also learned that other people say alot of things about people based on rumors etc. rather than factThe fact that he listens to music he enjoys is a good thing, it means he does not have to give in to fads and is a sign of individual pride. Get to know him, thats the only way you’ll find out. Knock em dead tiger.