How did the role of the federal government change as a result of the Civil War?

im writing an essay and i can not find anything to help me get started, so i need a little background help. *How did the role of the federal government change as a result of the Civil War in respect to economic development and western expansion.

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  • how did the role of the federal government change as a result of the civil war
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    it became stronger

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    “After rejecting the Reconstruction plan of President Andrew Johnson, the Republican Congress enacted laws and Constitutional amendments that empowered the federal government to enforce the principle of equal rights, and gave black Southerners the right to vote and hold office.” [external link] …Without slavery as an issue, people were free to migrate West and determine their own destinies. Westward expansion accelerated tremendously after the war by offering of cheap land to settlers, evicting many Native Americans.Check out this page for more info: [external link] …