Violence in romeo and juliet- thesis statement?

I need a good thesis staement for the following formal essay i need to write:Violence and death run through "Romeo and Juliet"; it bgeings with a street fight and ends with two slain lovers. Comment on Shakepeare's use of violence of violence in "Romeo and Juliet" , showing how it adds to the play, commenting on ways in which you think it may detract from the play..Please help. Examples of violence would also be good Thanks!

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  1. transumptive says:

    Well Tom, violence runs all through Romeo and Juliet! Quite amazing isn’t it! Examples of violence:Mercutio kill Tybalt and Romeo then goes a kills MercutioThe nurse slaps the Friar for marrying the coupleRomeo and Juliet is just such a fascinating topic and you’re very lucky to be taught it…Hope this helps! Good luck!

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