Should Animals Have Rights Equal To Human? Debate?

I have to debate this for my debate class and I was chosen to be on the side they should have rights equal to humans. I have a few ideas like the meat and fur Industries and how zoos take animals out of their natural habitats. But I also need to write a essay and we need 3 things that people could say against my 3 ideas. So do you guys have any fights that could go against the fur and meat industries and then the zoo? Please! First one to give me good ideas will get the best answer!

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5 Answers to “Should Animals Have Rights Equal To Human? Debate?”

  1. Bat-Yam says:

    They can’t have rights. They do not have the capacity to recognize or exercise rights. One might as well argue that rocks and clouds have rights.They are resources to be exploited for the benefit of humans, essentially they’re just biological mechanisms for processing raw materials into a more convenient form for our use.

  2. unchloridized says:

    First they need to have interpreters.

  3. corvette says:

    tell the lib dopes to get a life.this is political correct nonsense,kobe burgers are delicious.tell the class about the climate change bill that the idiot in the white house is trying to screw mom and dad with high may have to wait on tables in a restaurant with the run away taxation to pay for college..

  4. hashpjw says:

    no.Humans have sharp teeth for a reason.

  5. lenaeum says:

    I’m not sure how I would disagree with those points because I’m on your side of the argument.However, they will probably bring up animal testing and how it can save lives. And maybe that farming and ranching supports many human livelihoods.