History of American Economy 1850-1930?

This is what I have to write an essay on.Discuss the expansion of the American economy from the latter half of the nineteenth century to 1930. What innovations, obstacles and conflicts played a part in that expansion?I would just like some good topics. Thank you

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  1. mugget says:

    The latter part of the 1800s saw a rise in textile and machined assembly lines. The labor force doubled due to cheap available immigrant laborers but safety standards did not. Textile fires and disasters led to labor unions and safety standards as well as the 5-day work week, sick leave, 8-hour work days, etc. Look into the Pemberton Mill Fire, 1870, Lawrence, Massachusetts. It was a significant event, but it is often forgotten due to worse ones that occurred later on. This one led to a major labor strike led my Irish workers and relatives of the disasters that killed over a 100 people in one afternoon when the mill simply buckled and collapsed, smothering some and burning others to death in a gas fire.