Essay….Please Help?

I need help with this its an essay for a extended constructed Response. I m really not good in essays.A pharmaceutical company is proposing that its new product, Immunoblast, can help strengthen a person's immune system. Design an experiment in which you could test the effectiveness of this new product. Include the following steps: (a) state the problem you are investigating; (b) propose a suitable hypothesis; (c) write out clearly the procedure you would follow to carry out your experiment.Please help, Thanxs

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  1. severus says:

    Hey, I think that it would be most effective if you do an experiment where you have two separate groups of around 10 people. You give one group the immunoblast and another group a control (water, common medicine, etc.) then you would test how many people got sick after taking the drug for 6 weeks. they should all be exposed to similar climates. Your hypothesis can be, if i expose a group to immunoblast for a 6 week period, the immue system of the people in this group will be stronger than the immune system of the people in a group with (control- water, common medicine, etc. Hope this helps:)