What would be a good title for an essay about Freedom Riders?

- i need titles ASAP

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8 Answers to “What would be a good title for an essay about Freedom Riders?”

  1. bradyphagia says:

    Rebels with a CauseSincerely,INQdrop.com

  2. torpescence says:

    The Freedom Rides, Whitey Blows **** Up.ebs187

  3. wigmans says:

    Riding Free: A Journey to a Better Tomorrow

  4. anthropomorphologically says:

    Freedom Riders

  5. sulfoacid says:

    would you be talking about the movie freedom writers?Life through the Eyes of a Los Angeles teen?

  6. pupidae says:

    something letting people know its dangerous, because my friend just dropped out after seeing his friend die in a wreck right in front of him.

  7. mauling says:

    you mean the movie freedom WRITERS

  8. barbershops says:

    “Buses of Freedom”"For the Love of Humanity”"A Dent in Segregation”Hope those might give you an idea. Good Luck!