Sample Questions for Pre IB Entrance Exam?

I am in grade 8 and I am trying for pre ib at bayview secondary school. I have a pre ib exterance exam at bayview ss on Nov 26/2011. I know that the test 2 and a half hours long and it includes 3 subjects english,math and french. The questions are all multiple choice. I am looking for sample questions (multiple choice questions) for these subject areas that may be on the exam? In your answer provide a few links with sample questions.I have found only a few sample questions online, so I am a bit nervous.Also, is there a essay type question you have to answer on the exam? Lastly,they are asking for my grade 7 term 2 report and it weights in at 20% in their marking system. My average was 87% for the term and I don't think that's enough. Well, I am grade 8 now, so I can do anything about it now.Anyways, my question is What is the miniunm mark in % that they are looking for? I think it's 95% but I am not sure. If it is 95% and I only got 87%, I might only get about 17% out of the 20% for the grade 7 term 2 report card.Here is the marking scheme they will use -----Grade 7 term 2 report is worth 20% of thier evaulation.Reference letter from my grade 8 teacher is worth 20% of thier evaulation.The Entrance Exam itself is worth 60% of thier evaulation.The school will give me my evaulation result by e-mail but I forget when.My exams is next week, so I need sample question links and answers for the other questions ASAP.Only 1 more week, please help me.

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One Answer to “Sample Questions for Pre IB Entrance Exam?”

  1. lairdie says:

    hey i’m acually taking the exam as well at bayview and i don’t think that you need to have a certain grade average to get in i think it mostly depends on how you do with the exam. I know when i was registering i saw they had sample questions…now that the entry is closed i cant find a way to get you know how?