I have to do a essay on why American Veterans should be honored and i have not even started. Can someone help ?

What the hell is going on? Everyday I see this same question. Thank them for putting their lives, and the lives of their families on hold so you can ask questions about why to honor them. While you sit in your warm home this winter they will be serving in the US's best interest, wherever in the world that might be. Men and women have fought and died to maintain and protect our standards of living and to give you the right to question why they should be honored!

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10 Answers to “I have to do a essay on why American Veterans should be honored and i have not even started. Can someone help ?”

  1. hexose says:

    Think about every thing you can do and not in other coutries such as Iran or in a communist country such as China.

  2. zarzuelas says:

    You can start with the fact that if there had not been a volunteer Army in the Colonial phase of our country that there would not even be a United States.

  3. albuquerque says:

    Start with..THANK YOU.

  4. vmchange says:

    If for no other reason than that’s the way to treat citizens who went out and put their life in jeopardy for those of us who stayed behind, rather than letting them fall through “the cracks” of bureaucracy and become destitute, troubled street people.That’s shameful, patriotically speaking.

  5. plasten says:

    Do a search on answers for the question “Why Veterans should be honored”.Apparently every high schooler out there has this same report and no one can do it by themselves. The question has been asked at least 30 times int he past two weeks. Do a search for this question and you should see plenty of responses. Sad that no one can seem to do their own homework these days..back in the day we didn’t have computers readily available and actually had to use our brains….

  6. ovaritis says:

    UGH! I think it’s safe to say that we are all getting sick of this question. It’s been on here everyday three and four times a day sometimes. I’m pretty sure if you do some searching you will find the answers you need. Basically, you need to do your own homework!

  7. fortess says:

    You’d think that after I took a week-long break people would stop asking this question, and either use their brains and think about their freedoms or use Google. I give kudos to the people who have enough patience to always provide answers.Click this: [external link] ;…

  8. Plynlymmon says:

    Every right and freedom you enjoy exists because of themThey are willing to fight so the rest of the country does not have to.

  9. vomeropalatine says:

    Join the Reserves or JROTC (High School) or ROTC (college) and find out what it is like to be a soldier first.

  10. oyapock says:

    Freedom is not “Free.” Many people have gone above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy the American freedom. We call the Veterans. They have done things many of us will not be able to comprehend. Good luck on your essay and remember that America is here due to the selfless service of or our men and women in the armed forces.