I hate being a virgin?

Well, I'm 15 and it just feels like everyone is getting a little something , and I'm the only one who just kinda sits there doing homework and essays 24/7. Even the band geeks are getting it on...American Pie wasn't wasn't making things up lol. I'm starting to think I'll stay this way for a long time. Maybe its because I'm subconciously jealous of some of my friends since I don't date due to my shyness and the way the media portrays "good girls" as losers that nobody wants. Is this kinda weird?

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30 Answers to “I hate being a virgin?”

  1. pinfolds says:

    Don’t be in a rush to lose your virginity. It is one of the few precious things we own, so treasure it. Wait until you are ready, and not because you feel the need to. And how can you honestly be sure that everyone who is saying they are “getting some” actually are?Sweetie, you are 15, wait a while until you find someone you love and trust, and even then, wait until you are ready.

  2. gbmatla says:

    Just wait, trust me you will be so thankful when your older. Right now isn’t a good time, boys don’t even know what they are doing!

  3. fiercer says:

    I’m still a virgin and I’m 15. I’m also proud of it. Just keep waiting for the right guy. Your education is more important. =)

  4. garrotting says:

    I lost mine this summer and im 14 almost 15. Don’t be ashamed to be a virgin. It’s ok if you are. But always remember be safe use a condom!

  5. credito says:

    I know that people are losing their virginity a lot earlier in life now, but 15 years old is still young to lose it. Besides, just having sex to have sex-especially if its your first time-isn’t cool at all. Don’t worry about it and wait until the right person, you won’t regret it! Besides, your homework and essays will pay off in the end!

  6. swa says:

    NO!wait for marriage. you will enjoy it so much more when your in love and pure!

  7. jeane says:

    write a persuasive essay , publish it in paper, give out phone number

  8. laggings says:

    wait until your ready. once its done no going back you have plenty of time .for that

  9. staup says:

    i didnt lose mine until i was 22 which was last yr

  10. gangliform says:

    I was 17 and I really wish I would have waited. You are only 15. What’s the rush? It’s stressful worrying about STD’s and getting pregnant. My advice is to wait until you have a boyfriend that you really care about so that it’s a meaningful experience. I’m sorry, but it’s kind of slutty just to do it to do it. Have some respect for yourself and wait for the kind of experience YOU DESERVE!

  11. exereta says:

    no its pretty normal but i dont understand what it has to do with the media , just dont rush yourself into sex just wait until your meet that right guy

  12. sniggered says:

    Aww! This is so NOT weird – and to admit this to the internet – you ROCK! But believe it or not (and I take this from personal experience) those party girls are envious of you! And I bet, if you just keep smiling and being yourself, someone’s gonna fall for ya! But during this part – and anypart – of your life, you should just be happy for ya friends and for then bein there for you, and when a guy does topple head over heals for you – don’t rush, you’ll feel awful and toyed with afterwards. Just be true to yourself, and, well – ya rock! xxxPhoenix S.

  13. orangist says:

    You’re not weird.I was in the same boat as you almost 15 years ago, but I wish I had waited.It is something you can never get back. It’s not just something to throw away.

  14. venice says:

    I know how it feels to feel left out. I lost my virginity at 17 and all my friends had already lost theirs. But I’m incredibly grateful that I waited until I 1) Felt that I was readyand2) Was in love. Sex is a very big deal. The media treats it like it’s not, but there are serious responsibilities that come with having sex and I would recommend you to wait until you feel ready, don’t rush yourself just because everyone else is doing it. Sex is really not that cool, and there’s serious consequences if it’s abused. You’re 15, you have plenty of time for sex.

  15. GTE/SWB says:

    15 year olds shouldn’t even be worrying about that stuff. My,my,my, what is going on in the minds of people these days? Look, a lot of guys that are teens will do it with any girl to say he got some and will do it just to do it. Relax…you have your whole life ahead of you. A lot of guys appreciate knowing a girl doesn’t spread her legs to the world.

  16. triticum says:

    You’re 15.. why do you need to be having sex? That’s way too young. You shouldn’t be so worried about what other people are doing, especially since teenagers often lie about their sex life.

  17. dietra says:

    if u wanna get laid dress like a skank go to a party and get f*cked up

  18. agaric says:

    You are 15 you don’t need sex. Virginity is special, keep it for that very special person. I was 28 before i lost my virginity. Why not try masturbation? It feels better than sex anyway!

  19. orig says:

    it’s not weird to think that way, but it’s not right either. i was popular-ish and always the sweetheart. the one with the friends. i didn’t lose it until i was 21. i was soooo glad i waited. i actually wish i still waited longer, but i am who i am b/c of the decisions i made..so in a way…i’m glad i didn’t. haha. it’s kinda funny really. although essentially, if i could have anything in way of decisions…that’s the one thing i wish i hadn’t done.

  20. heliaean says:

    You don’t have to have sex to be ‘in’. That’s stupid. Be proud your a virgin and if anyone teases you because you are than they’re being retarded and stupid whores!….then when you get married you can have as much sex with her as possible…for the first couple years anyway.

  21. pyralidiform says:

    it’s not weird.it’s normal to feel that way when you are a teenager.you’ll lose it soon enough, don’t worry about not losing it.you don’t want to be 18 years old and already have had a handful of partners… then you cross the line of slutty.

  22. libant says:

    It’s better to be a virgin than have an STD,HPV is an STD and it causes cervical cancer,you don’t want that do you?I am a virgin and I am 24.It’s normal that you are a virgin at the age of 15.At least wait till you are 18.The kids at school lie that they are having sex.

  23. bobbles says:

    wait until older

  24. daretti says:

    Just because you’ve had sex a couple of times doesn’t mean you’re a slut. And being a slut isn’t even a bad thing. Report Abuse

  25. picachos says:

    okay so get a guy around your finger and have sex with them its very easy. and who knows you might fall in love with them. hahahahaha. just have sex. and may i recommend that you role play a bit and have some funkey positions. just look at this to get some ideas: [external link]

  26. gotptrs says:

    tbh love, i bet you there are millions of people out there feeling exacly the same way you do, and having sex should be with some one you have feelings for instead of some one who you just wanna loose your vigirnity to, dont you want your first time to be special, instead of when your older you think back to who your fisrt love was, and then you relise that it wasnt any one special and that you really regret doing it with him.There will be one special person out there who wikll love you for who you are and then you will have that feeling that you waited for the right person at the right time when you was ready.

  27. bruntel says:

    I wish i could get mines back.Now please i dont know you but keep it up and stay in school lil girl doing it is not that important trust people just make it seem that way.just make sure you do it for you but i wish i didnt lose mines baby gurl

  28. eupsychics says:

    virginity is the most precious thing a girl can have..dont be stupid..wait till marriage..your doing a great job no matter what ppl say. keep it up dont have sex just because everybody is doing it. if everyone was jumping off a cliff would you do it too? damnn i wish i could go back in time to be a virgin… and those goodgirls that you talk about..guys are going to go after the easiest one cuz of course they are Slutz and easy.. nobody wants to be with one of those in the future…take my advice and please hold on to it….

  29. gematria says:

    This isnt weird, I doubt that half of your friends have done what they say they have.Getting a good education and going to college/Uni is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your future. Half of the girls i went to school with ended up having kids at 16, do you want that for yourself?I know some people are amazing parents at that age, yet i personally wouldnt be prepared. Just remember, you are not weird.

  30. DENNIS says:

    its not wierd…and no..ur not a loser b/c of this… dont feel this way..its dumb…… having some fun? well you can have fun….but you know what…sometimes you end up pregnant….so its always ok to be a virgin