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Assignment:Are we free to make our own choices in life, or are our decisions always limited by the rules of society?Essay:The great French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau once said, "When man is born, he is born free." This statement helps to support the fact that man is free to write the script of his life; he is the only one who is in control of his destiny. Major events in history such as the French Revolution and prominent leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. are testaments to this fact. We are free to make our own choices in life; our decisions are never bound by society's expectations.During the 1700s, France had a terrible social system which was primarily based on monarchy. There were three main classes: the barons, dukes, and the royal family, the merchants, traders, accountants, etc., and the serfs and slaves, in that descending order. The serfs were robbed of all their rights; they were forced to work for the upper class in order for their existence. This had been going on for quite some time, so naturally, discontent began to build up. Finally, with the aid of eminent social activists like Rousseau and Montesquieu, the lower class realized that they need not be subjected to such inferior treatment, and that they were free to live their own lives as they choosed. This epiphany led to the crumbling of that social hierarchy through events such as the French Revolution.Martin Luther King, Jr. is a well-known supporter of of the rights of African Americans. During the 1960s, African Americans were forced to endure humiliation and faced a plethora of racial barriers. The general view of society (especially of the so-called "pure" whites) was that their skin color made them inferior in every possible way, and so they should not be given the same opportunities and rights as the whites. But people like MLK, Jr. turned that belief into dust. Through his peaceful protests and marches, he challenged society's views and advocated the fact that African Americans were free to live their lives as they pleased. Even though he received death threats and the like, he continued on. This shows that we should not be dragged down by the rules of society; we have the freedom to break free from them.The expectations and restraints of society should not limit a person's capacity to do as he wishes and to pursue his dreams and aspirations. We should keep in mind that no matter what society thinks, the world is our oyster - and we should take every pearl that it has to offer.

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  1. cystectasia says:

    the sat 1 essay is out of 12, not 6. I give you a 8, because it’s a pretty good essay. Remember, the SAT essays are considered “rough drafts” for a reason, you can’t exactly write a solid essay in 25 minutes!I love the quote in the beginning of the essay, but I wish you had pushed your point a tad more. Your thesis was clear, and concise, but your 2 body paragraphs need to be explaining more of what you want to tell the reader. it was great (really really great) to use history in your essay, but you should add in some other resources as well, books, or movies. This essay is one that I would actually enjoy reading, and the grammar is solid. Your 1st body paragraph is kind of contradictary, but that’s because I’m reading it way too harshly. For one, the graders only take a couple minutes reading over the essays.The score is only what I would give you, as a student. I cannot tell what you would actually recieve.