I need a title for my essay on euthanasia.?

I am for euthanasia.

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7 Answers to “I need a title for my essay on euthanasia.?”

  1. unitized says:

    your heading will have more to do with your belief.

  2. metsing says:


  3. aplacental says:

    What do you believe about it? What do you want to say in the paper? Is this informational or argumentative?Answering these questions should help you develop a title. The body, of course, should support the title. If it helps, think about it backward. If you already have the body done or thought up, summarize the paper with a sentence, or even a question. Good luck.

  4. whistlewood says:

    Euthanasia is the practice of medically-assisted death. It is illegal in most countries.Euthanasia is a controversial subject, not only because there are many different moral dilemmas associated with it, but also in what constitutes its definition. At the extreme ends of disagreement, advocates say euthanasia, also known as physician aid in dying, or physician assisted suicide, is a merciful method of death. At the other end are opponents of euthanasia, who may consider this method as a form of murder.Euthanasia can be conducted in various ways. In order to distinguish certain methods, more specific terminology may be used when discussing euthanasia.Check the link below for more details [external link] )

  5. alunites says:

    Personal Death by Personal Choice

  6. cupbearers says:

    If you love them, let them go.

  7. welter says:

    Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out.