History essay on Battle of Agincourt?

Can anyone help me come up with a thesis for an essay in history about the Battle of Agincourt. I was thinking about talking about:How the English wonWhy the French lostWhat factors affected the battleHow did this victory affect the Hundred Years' WarI just need to come up with a thesis and 3 main points.It would be greatly appreciated since I am stuck and can't come up with anything.

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  1. mpsdemo says:

    hi try this site it has several talking points just choose and give credit where deserved i like your idea on various factors [external link] …

  2. rchisn says:

    Keep your thesis statement simple:”Why did the English win the Battle of Agincourt?”or “Why did the French Lose the Battle of Agincourt?” are both fine.(I think the second won is better).How the English won – their army consisted mostly of longbowmen.It was also better disciplined and better led.Why the French lost – this is more relevant.Firstly, by offering battle at all.Their leader, the Constable D’Albret,suggested a strategy of blockade.The English army was cut off,tired, and short of rations.Such a strategy would have forced the English either to surrender or attack at a severe disadvantage. However,many younger knights (egged on by Bouciccaut,a rival of D’Albret), demanded an attack, believing that they would easily overwhelm the much smaller English army.So, overconfidence was a big factor. The French knights and men at arm launched a mass frontal assault on a narrow front, so lack of tactical imagination and overeagerness were also factors.Factors affecting the battle – heavy rain overnight turned the battlefield into a quagmire, which slowed down the speed, and therefore the impetus, of the heavily amoured French (even the horses wore armour).