Can I get into UMASS Amherst?

im out of statemy gpa is low--3.07 and my SAT (as of now, first time, im retaking it) 1520.i have tons of ECs (yearbook club, sports, class president etc) and i had 2 jobs and i have about 120 hours of community service so far.if i apply Early Action and i write a phenomenal essay will i have a shot?also, if i apply as a minority (hispanic, which im half of) will this give me a boost?

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  1. hranica says:

    I’m a student at UMass Amherst and am also out-of-state (New York)Let’s round your GPA up to a 3.1, which translates to an average of 86/100. This isn’t bad at all. The average for admitted students is an 89-90, so they do admit students with that GPA. Make sure you get those SAT scores up though, as those will help your chances of being admitted.I don’t think applying as an Hispanic will make much of a difference, because UMass Amherst is not an affirmative action school. Actually….I suggest you do put yourself as Hispanic.Good luck!