Write descriptive essay on ” the spring season”?

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One Answer to “Write descriptive essay on ” the spring season”?”

  1. unprofiting says:

    Has your teacher told you do describe all the senses?Talk about the smell of fresh rain,or how you feel in a delicate drizzle, when the drops “freckle” your face. You can talk about the brilliant colour of the new flowers, and relate it to a sunrise, per se, or about animals slowly emerging from their winter slumber. Talk about what you hear: the intermittent chirps of birds as the sun rises into the sky and the soft patter of rain drops falling onto velvet grass.Spring’s about rebirth and new beginnings, but also about colour and vibrancy, so try to relate those into your essay. Try not to say “it was colourful” but use action verbs, or personify the flowers, or the colour. And you can compare it to the barren lifelessness of winter too.I know it sounds incredibly cheesy, but discriptive paragraphs have a tendency to be so.Hope it helps!