Problems with friends at university!?

Here's the deal. I'm at uni (first year) , trying to get into second year law. Anyway there are 500 students in first year and only 200 go through to second year. Basically in our first major essay, my friends and i all worked on our essays together and well i ended up getting an A and they all got like B- C+ etc and now that we're doing our second essay, they are pretty much working on it together again but not telling me when or where they are working on it. (i know that a few of them are jealous that i did better, but the fact is i worked my a$$ off for that A)They wont admit their jealous but i know they are as others have said to me that these people told them that they thought it was so unfair i got an A and they didnt.I also want to know what to do because i kinda need and want their help. They gave me some helpful pointers etc with the first one and i dont think i'll do very well without their help.So wat should i say or do? they seem pretty determined to exclude me

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2 Answers to “Problems with friends at university!?”

  1. excusefully says:

    Get a detective to follow them LOL or just tell them theyre jelaous cause theyre stupid and they only think about themselves nut that IS pretty much the truth right?Show ‘em this question and answers and maybe then they get BETTER

  2. cayocca says:

    get straight to the point and discuss it with them…..or iff you want to take things easy… tell them you can help them study or whatever…