How to cite Sophocles: Oedipus the King in MLA?

I'm writing an essay on Sophocles: Oedipus the King, and I will be using direct quotations as well overall information from the play. I gotta use MLA. How would I in-text cite these direct quotes (there are no acts or scenes apparently, only lines)? And how would I cite something I paraphrased? Thanks

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2 Answers to “How to cite Sophocles: Oedipus the King in MLA?”

  1. trevorc says:

    For both direct quotations and paraphrases, cite it the same way, using the lines. The first citation for a single line would look like this (Sophocles 412). If you have no other texts that you’re citing, or if you mention Sophocles in the signal phrase, then after the first citation, just mention the number, like this: (412). For multiple lines: (Sophocles 15-26)

  2. laissus says:

    Although there are acts in Greek drama (called episodes and coming between the choral passages), they’re not labeled as such, and only the lines are numbered. So just put quoted lines in quotation marks and give the line numbers in the parenthetical documentation. If you’re paraphrasing, make it clear in context that that’s what you’re doing, and don’t use quotation marks, but do document the lines. For example, if you say simply that Oedipus brushes off Jocasta’s apparent fear that she will turn out to have married a man of low birth or that he threatens the old slave with torture, give the line numbers of where he says what he really says at that moment. BTW, if you quote more thazn one line, Indent the passage ten spaces.